Fix ‘Printer Not Printing’ Issue.

  • Restore the connection between your 123 hp printer and computer.
  • If the ‘printer not printing’ status remains unsolved use HP Print and Scan Doctor tool will help you to fix printer issues.
  • From your browser open Hp’s official website and download the hp printer application.
  • Double-click on the downloaded setup files and the setup process will take a few minutes to complete.
  • Click Start and then select the printer from the list.
  • If you cannot find your printer in the list, turn on the hp printer, and turn it on again.
  • On the screen prompts click Yes to turn on updates, and continue the setup process.
  • Set your hp printer as the default printer, If the printer does not print, reset the printer.
  • Turn off the printer, and unplug the cord from the wall outlet.
  • Restart the wireless router if your printer is connected to wi-fi.
  • Reconnect the power cord, and try printing.
  • If the issue still persists, set the hp printer as the default printer.
  • From the Devices and Settings on Windows, find your printer in the list.
  • Right-click the printer, and set it as the default printer.
  • Now open a document, and try printing.
  • If your printer print without any issues, then the issue is resolved.
  • Update the hp printer firmware, if you cannot use the printer.
  • Re-install the printer software which is completely on the computer.
  • Make sure to delete the cache staying in it.
  • After uninstalling the hp printer driver, Visit the 123 hp official website download, and install HP printer software.
Print Job stuck

If the ‘printer not printing’ status continues contact support via chat or call,

HP Printer Not Printing (Print JOB Stuck)

A Stuck print job is one that can’t be deleted or canceled and prevents further print jobs from printing. Listed below are solutions to troubleshoot this printer not printing issue:

  • Resolve any problems with the hardware like a paper jam or a carriage jam and try printing again.
  • Delete files created in Windows, whenever a print job is sent to the printer. Search for MSC from the Start menu, select Printer Spooler from the services lists, click Restart the service or click the restart button and then try printing again.
  • Confirm that the printer is receiving power and that the power button is lit. If the printer isn’t receiving power, connect it to another outlet. If the power button isn’t lit, turn off the printer. Disconnect the power cord, and after a minute, reconnect it back firmly to the printer. Press the power button to turn it on if the printer doesn’t turn on by itself and then try printing again
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and computer and reconnect it after 10 seconds. Confirm that you didn’t accidentally plug into the Ethernet port before you try to print again.
  • Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • In the print queue window uncheck both Pause Printing and Use Printer before you try printing again.
  • Detect any issues in the system files of the Windows Spooler service by running the System File Checker.
  • Go to Devices and Printers on the Control Panel, right on your printer, select Set as Default Printer, and try printing again
  • Temporarily disable the firewall on your computer, clear the print queue and try printing again. If disabling the firewall resolved the issue then adjust the firewall setting to allow the Windows print spooler service access to the system. Else, enable the firewall again.

Uninstall the printer driver from your computer and then download and install the latest full feature driver and software from the HP website or install it from the printer installation disk.

Right-click on your printer in Devices and Printers and then click Remove Device. Your printer software uninstalls. Download it from the HP website, reinstall it and try printing again.

Try printing from Notepad, if the printing is successful then the software application from which you were attempting to print could be the source of the printer not printing issue.

Log into another account on Windows and try printing. If you are able to print, then check if the account you were attempting to print from earlier had the necessary permissions to print.

If your printer is still in the printer not printing state contact support.